Foil 3 – Wind (Kite or Wing)

Make the move to foiling with a kite/wing

min. 2hrs blocks

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Kite or Wing Foil with PWC support


  • How to put the foil and your wind power source of choice together

Skill Level

  • Intermediate to advance level foiler and kiter/windsurfer

What to bring

  • Sunglasses and hat (sun can be in your eyes when flying the kite)
  • Warm clothing (is often colder at the exposed beach then in town)
  • Water shoes (aqua-socks) if you have them.
  • Water and a snack
  • Wetsuit (if you have one)

What is provided with lesson

  • All foil gear (appropriate sized board and foil for your weight and skill level)
  • Cold water gear (booties, wetsuit)
  • 2 way radio communication helmet
  • Impact vest
  • 1 – 1 instructor / student ratio


Dependent on wind and weather conditions

TBA – spring 2020

End Goal: controlled rides


Minimum 2 hrs