Our Story

Celebrating 20 years

Welcome, to Surf Culture Canada Watersport! We have some of the most passionate and experienced instructors in the world. Surf Culture Canada is also equipped with the latest equipment which makes learning faster, easier and more fun.

Tim Blanchard (Head Instructor) started windsurfing in his early teens. At 20 he traveled extensively, spending a year in Australia, NZ, Fiji and Costa Rica where he caught the surfing bug. After University he moved to Victoria, BC and spent his summers training for competitive windsurfing in Hood River, OR (The Gorge) and Lake Nitnat. He began his kiting journey in 1999 along with Ross Harrington (head designer of Ocean Rodeo) and the rest of the Victoria crew. His first kite was one of Ross’s hand made 8m four line kites. He got in over a hundred sessions at Lake Nitnat during the summer of 2000, mastering his kiting skills, before moving back to Ontario to attend Teacher’s College.

During the spring of 2001 Tim took part in the first Internationally Certified Instructors Training Course taking place in Cape Hatteras, NC. He has since trained 1000’s of students and several instructors over the past 20 years. With over 25 years of water sports experience in the World’s Oceans and the Great Lakes, he can provide you with the proper skills and knowledge to safely get on board. He was also the Great Lakes rider for the Naish North American Team from 2001-2006. Due to work, instructional and family responsibilities he only competed a few times but was the King of Great Lakes big air champion and placed second overall at the 2001 IIes de la Madeleine World Cup event. His current day job as a high school science teacher, experience as a collegiate track and field athlete and crossfit athlete/trainer make him uniquely qualified to provide the best instructional experience in Canada.

School Information

In our 20th year of operation, founded in 2000 by Tim Blanchard. We have pioneered the sport in Southwestern Ontario and are commited to the continued promotion of kiteboarding in the Great Lakes and Southern Ontario. With over 1000 lessons taught and 7000+ hours of combined lesson and riding time, Tim Blanchard is your kiteboarding authority in Ontario.

Surf Culture Canada at a Glance:

  • A maximum 2-1 instructor-student ratio to ensure the highest standards of safety.
  • PASA certified instruction from instructors familiar with the local conditions.
  • Boat support (Seadoo Wake 155) used for all water lessons to ensure a prime lesson location, regardless of the wind direction.
  • Utilize high quality gear from the top kiteboarding manufacturers.
  • The best kiteboarding lesson locations in the Great Lakes, only accessible by boat.
  • Instructors certified in CPR and First Aid.
  • 20th season of operation; since summer 2000 (1st in Great Lakes and Canada)
  • Head Instructor/Owner: Tim Blanchard B.Sc, B.Ed, High School Science Teacher (Naish N.A team rider 2001-07) Wipika Certified in 2001, PASA in 2002

School Operation:

  • Water Lessons: May 1 – October 1
  • Snow Lessons : Dec 15 – Feb15
  • Snow Clinics : Dates to be announced depending on weather

Office Location : We are a mobile water sports instruction company based out of Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada

The most experienced, the most respected. Tim Blanchard and Surf Culture Canada have been featured in:

  • KiteBoarding Magazine
  • Kiteboarder Magazine
  • OLN
  • CBC Radio
  • Global TV
  • Intersections Magazine (Mazda)
  • Local TV interviews

Slideshows - 20 year history of local kiting