Lessons – Kite

What we offer

We offer professional private and group instruction.

Local Expertise

We are your truly local water sports instruction source. No overseas clinics or exotic trips, we have found the perfect water sports location and it is Southwestern Ontario of all places! With over 20 years of riding the lakes; paddleboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing and kiting, we know the local spots and weather.

Why no camps?

No matter where you are in the world there is no guarantee of wind. I would love to run two day weekend clinics but the wind in Ontario rarely is perfect for learning two days in a row. Many students end up at Surf Culture Canada after spending $500++ on a multiple day camps where the wind and weather did not cooperate. The weekend camp structure simply does not work in Ontario with our variable summer wind and weather conditions.


Not only do we utilize PWC (3 person Sea-Doo) support for the safest possible water experience. We also use BB Talkin (Bluetooth waterproof 2 way communication helmets) to enable easy instructor-student communication during water lessons.

Kitesurfing Lesson Packages

Kite 1
Introductory lesson for those with no prior traction kite experience

  • Gear setup & take down
  • Basics of the wind window
  • Safety considerations
  • Trainer kite flying
  • Use of a harness and 4 line kite

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Kite 2
This lesson is done 100% in the water with PWC (seadoo) support.

  • Safety systems
  • Harness use with a powered kite
  • Water relaunching
  • Self rescue
  • Body dragging
  • Water-start techniques

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Kite 3
Intermediate riders that want to progress their riding with PWC

  • Progress at an ideal location with PWC support
  • Jumping, transitions and upwind riding techniques

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Group Coaching
Offsite coaching at your cottage or beach location

  • Min. 4 hrs of Instruction
  • Groups – up to 4
  • We bring the PWC & gear
  • Within 1 hrs of Belle River, Ontario
  • More distant location? Contact to discuss…

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