Kite Surfing Harness the power of a kite and fly on the water SUP Surfing Ride the waves of the Great Lakes with a SUP board Foiling Glide over the water on a hydrofoil powered by kite, paddle, wing or waves Wing Surfing Taking the water sports world by storm! Solo & Groups Learn the skills to become a Great Lakes water warrior

We are your experts in Ontario!

Kitesurfing, SUP, Surfing, Foiling…

We have over 25 years of watersports experience on the Great Lakes and all around the World’s Oceans. We are your local experts in Kitesurfing, SUP racing, SUP surfing, Foiling and Surfing. IF you want to learn any of these sports in the forgiving conditions of the Great Lakes, we are here to help you take those first steps on your journey to become a Great Lakes water warrior.

COVID – 19 Info – UPDATE July 21, 2020 – We have resumed lessons with private instruction at this time. This may affect pricing of some products. The Surf Van and Seadoo are ready to roll anytime the wind and waves call.

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Foil Instruction

Join the #loyaltothefoil movement learn to Foil!


Kite Instruction

Zero experience or advanced rider, we have a lesson option for you.


SURF Instruction

Step up your SUP and learn to ride in the waves.

Our Most Popular Courses

/ 2 hours

Introduction to the gear, wind window and weather. We start with a 2 line trainer kite and advance to flying a four line inflatable kite with a harness.

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/ 2.5 hours
Learn the new exciting sport of Wing Surfing. This can be done on a foilboard or regular large SUP board. PWC support for all lessons.
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/ 45 minutes

Learn the basics of foiling behind the PWC. Looking to foil in the surf or with a kite or sail? This is the easiest way to learn the basics.

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/ 2.5 hours

PWC support for all water lessons. Learn to water-launch, body drag and water-start on the board.

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Our Team

Glen Baker

Kite surfing Instructor

Kai Blanchard

Junior Instructor

Peter Dekker

Kite surfing Instructor

Terrie Boddaert

Instructor/board and foil builder

Tim Blanchard

Owner/Head Instructor